Routine De-Sexing & Surgery


Here at the Gilgandra Vet Clinic we recommend desexing of cats and dogs at 5 to 6 months of age. Rabbits and Guinea pigs are at a younger age due to their earlier sexual maturity. The desexing helps your pet's long term health and behaviour training.
All desexed patients are given a pain relief as a pre-operative sedative and a post-operative injection which gives great pain relief for the following 24 hours. Our De-Sexing patients go home on the same day as the surgery.

General Anaesthetics

Most of our anaesthetics involve the use of Isoflurane vapourisers, the latest in veterinary anaesthetics and safety. Patients wake up very quickly, maximising safety, and most surgery patients go home the same day. Pain reliving injections are given to patients after surgery, and if necessary, follow up pain relieving or anti-inflammatory tablets can be sent home with the patient for added relief after surgery.

Our anaesthetics are made safer by our detailed monitoring. Each pet has a dedicated nurse constantly monitoring the anaesthetic using respiratory, pulse and oxygen monitors. We routinely use pre-anaesthetic blood testing to minimise the risk to your pet undergoing a general anaesthetic.


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