Non-Routine & Orthopaedic surgery

Non-routine include:
Cruciate ligament repair, tumour removal, foreign body removal, orthopaedic
surgery and others.

Non-Routine, Emergency & Orthopaedic Surgery


What is non-routine & emergency surgery?

Non-Routine surgery is the surgical correction of a non life threatening illness.

Where Emergency surgery is the correction of an illness that is directly threatening the life of an animal.

Not all visits to the vet are for routine treatments like vaccinations, health checks or procedures. Often we are faced with unexpected illness or conditions. We are fully equipped to handle most medical and surgical conditions within our clinic. Non-Routine surgeries include Cruciate ligament repair, tumour removal, foreign body removal, and orthopaedic surgery amongst others.

Emergency surgery includes; caesarian sections & difficult births, bloat, trauma associated with car accidents and intestinal obstructions just to name a few.



This little cat is a patient of ours who had an intestinal blockage.

This blockage needed to be surgically removed to save his life.


What is orthopaedic surgery?


Orthopaedic surgery is the surgical correction of any form of bone defect.

Here at the Gilgandra Vet clinic we see our fair share of orthopaedic surgeries as dogs and cats frequently suffer bone fractures and cruciate ligament tears as a result of traumatic events. We treat a vast array of injuries, and when our advanced imaging equipment, including digital radiography is combined with the experience of our surgeons, we are able to tailor an individual treatment plan that will optimise your pet’s outcome and allow a speedy recovery.


This image shows a successful orthopaedic surgery recently completed here at the clinic.