Dog & Cat Grooming


The benefits of dog grooming extend beyond just making your dog look pretty.  Grooming improves your dog’s mental state, behaviour and is important for their health.

The warmer months are a busy time in our grooming parlour; we see many dogs for their first haircuts after winter to help keep them cool throughout summer. 

Patients are sometimes dirty, greasy, with matted hair, and may not be able to walk properly because their nails are too long. When hair becomes tangled, it begins to pull on the skin, the skin becomes inflamed and painful and excessive fur around the eyes can hinder vision.

Our fully qualified veterinary nurses are familiar with dog anatomy and will notice abnormalities such as lumps, skin discolouration, rashes, skin lesions, sore paws, bald patches, gum discolouration or bleeding. They will take the time to check your pet's skin, and can tell if the skin is too dry or oily and will be able to make suitable recommendations for your dog's well-being.

Our Nurses will be able to tell you if your dog has parasites. We check for fleas, ear mites and other parasites and help you get them under control.

We also take the opportunity to express anal glands. The anal glands are two small sacs just inside your pets' rectum that are filled with a foul smelling "scent fingerprint" that animals use to identify each other in the wild. Routine emptying of these sacs can help to prevent unwanted smells, as well as potential side effects from impacted or ruptured anal glands that go unnoticed.

Many owners find their dog benefits from a light sedative while grooming to reduce anxiety, stress and excessive movement in wriggly dogs. Our nurse’s will discuss options with you when your dog comes in.

If you try grooming your dog at home you might end up accidentally hurting your dog with cuts, scratches or skin irritations. We know how to make your dog look great without causing any distress or injuries.

Dogs that are groomed regularly will be more comfortable and won’t expose your family to bacteria, parasites, dirt and debris, not to mention the odour.