Comprehensive In-House Pathology


Here at Gilgandra Veterinary Clinic we offer many economical in house tests for most species. Most external laboratories are located in major cities and getting samples to the lab and getting results back can take days to weeks depending on the test and freight companies. Our in house testing can give us quick results and help direct well-timed treatment. We offer the following tests and estimated turnaround time:

Cytology (5-30 min) - using the microscope to view bacteria in ear, skin, and urinary tract infections, searching for mites in skin samples, looking for cancer in skin lumps and searching for urinary crystals.

Parvovirus faecal test (15 min)- can detect parvovirus in dogs during the early stages of disease, once there is large amounts of blood in the diarrhoea, it becomes harder for the test to detect the virus

Heartworm blood test (30 min)- can detect heartworm in dogs before starting heartworm prevention as some prevention methods can have fatal side effects if given to a dog with heartworm

Pancreatitis blood test (30 min)- can detect the very painful and life-threatening abdominal disease in dogs

FIV/FeLV (30 min)- can detect both Feline AIDs and Feline Leukaemia virus, two immune suppressing diseases in cats

Activated Clotting time (5 mins)- can assist in snake bite diagnosis

Pestivirus PI tests (30min-2hr)- can detect a Pestivirus PI calf and whether treatment is economical

Urine analysis ( <5min)- can help diagnose urine and kidney problems in all species

Full blood tests (30 min)- used in sick horses, cattle, dogs and cats to gather information on blood cells, inflammation, kidneys, liver and hydration status which often gives a good overview of the animals health

Electrolytes (15 min)- often used in emergency situations where quick results can be the difference between life and death

Pre anaesthetic blood tests (30 min)- used in older animals before they undergo surgery to minimise risk and make sure they are healthy enough for a safe anaesthetic

These tests assist the vets to quickly diagnose if problems are evident, help direct appropriate treatments and in turn reduce anxious waiting time for the owners.